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Last 5 Buy Signals
Date Signal @
XRPUSDNov 28 - 11:510.918
XRPUSDNov 28 - 11:440.914
BTCUSDNov 28 - 11:2954 102
DOGEUSDNov 28 - 11:29$0.198
XRPUSDNov 28 - 11:230.920
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Last updated: 28 Nov 2021 @ 16:53 pm

The Last Stock Podcasts

Week 47 - Short Trading Week And Some Heavy Plays

A short trading week is coming up with thanksgiving on Thursday and reduced trading on Nasdaq again over points indicate a good start on the week, but will it last? Microsoft is way overbought and will Tesla do a double top @ In this week's trading tips we do some penny picking while keeping the highly volatile apologize for the bad sound quality in this week's podcast which was recorded on a small island on the west coast of and much more in this week's stock podcast!

Week 46 - 2021 - Second Red Week And Tesla Further Down

Will an international conflict involving Ukraine ignite a huge market sell-off? This is one of the many questions we try to answer in this week's Tesla fell last week as expected and ended some $17 below our$1050 target for the How will Tesla perform this week, and what are the support and resistance levels? Last week's trading tip, Ocugen, is still active, but we have added one trading tip for the week, which we think has a good risk/reward ratio if markets go This and much more in this week's stock

Week 45 - 2021 - Better Safe Than Sorry

Nasdaq is way overbought on RSI at levels we haven't seen since the last major How long can it possibly last? Is Elon Musk a genius as he preps up to sell 10% of his Tesla shares? What are the support levels if things go wrong for the Microsoft, Tesla, and Apple share price? Bitcoin moving up from a horizontal movement indicates next and even small Dogecoin indicates a run coming Ocugen was closed at 96% profit last week and Under Armour netted more than This and much more in this week's stock in to get the market overview, the major analysis, and this weeks trading tips 

Week 44 - 2021 - While We Are Waiting

Major stocks are way overbought on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and this would never end But while waiting for the laws of gravity to hit the market may very well continue As usual, we give you the different support levels and key indicators to keep an eye  One of the 2 trading tips this week is Under Armour Tune in to hear why and at the same time get the latest predictions for Bitcoin and

Week 43 - 2021 - Be Prepared - Red Weeks May Be Upon Us

Stocks are topping in their charts and being overbought on the Are we headed for a major fall? In this week's podcast, we try as usual to determine the week ahead of What could be the major market drivers and what is it to look out for? As we said a million times in these podcasts inflation is over us and that will affect the stock markets no matter Has anything changed lately and do we still have the same view? We remain positive to crypto but advise about a possible sharp fall due to a lack of support between and for in to know the answer to these questions and get an analysis of Tesla, Microsoft, Bitcoin, DogeCoin, and

World Map
Nasdaq: -2.23 %Dow Jones: -2.53 %S&P 500: -2.27 %Shanghai: 0.00 %ASX: -1.77 %CAC40: -4.75 %IPC Mexico: -2.24 %Nikkei 225: -2.53 %Nifty 50: -2.91 %IBOVESPA: -3.39 %

World Indexes

Name Symbol Price Change
AEX-INDEX ^AEX 781.63 -3.21%
IBOVESPA ^BVSP 102 224 -3.39%
IPC MEXICO ^MXX 49 493 -2.24%
Dow Jones Industrial Average ^DJI 34 899 -2.53%
CAC 40 ^FCHI 6 739.73 -4.75%
Nikkei 225 ^N225 28 752 -2.53%
NASDAQ Composite ^IXIC 15 492 -2.23%
S&P 500 ^GSPC 4 594.62 -2.27%
NIFTY 50 ^NSEI 17 026 -2.91%
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Stock Gainers

Name Symbol Price Change
iSpecimen Inc. ISPC 17.51 71.67%
Allied Healthcare Products, Inc. AHPI 8.32 54.65%
NRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NRXP 6.75 50.00%
Virtuoso Acquisition Corp. VOSO 14.51 43.95%
Adagio Therapeutics, Inc. ADGI 25.12 34.12%
Alpha Pro Tech, Ltd. APT 6.41 25.20%
180 Life Sciences Corp. ATNF 5.41 21.30% Inc. CARS 16.12 21.11%
Enjoy Technology, Inc. ENJY 5.63 21.08%
GeoVax Labs, Inc. GOVX 4.69 20.88%
Moderna, Inc. MRNA 329.63 20.57%
ThermoGenesis Holdings, Inc. THMO 1.510 19.84%
Icosavax, Inc. ICVX 27.55 19.57%
Valneva SE VALN 59.60 19.44%
Tyra Biosciences, Inc. TYRA 23.87 18.11%
SAB Biotherapeutics, Inc. SABS 10.50 17.98%
Lucira Health, Inc. LHDX 6.98 15.56%
TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. TOMZ 1.340 15.52%
Switchback II Corporation SWBK 9.35 14.44%
Cue Health Inc. HLTH 11.45 14.39%
Monte Rosa Therapeutics, Inc. GLUE 20.55 14.23%
Petros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PTPI 2.09 14.21%
BioNTech SE BNTX 348.00 14.19%
Midwest Holding Inc. MDWT 15.61 14.11%
NV5 Global, Inc. NVEE 131.46 14.04%
Arqit Quantum Inc. ARQQ 34.85 13.52%
CureVac N.V. CVAC 44.18 13.51%
LumiraDx Limited LMDX 9.78 13.33%
GBS Inc. GBS 1.880 13.25%
Vera Therapeutics, Inc. VERA 30.00 13.21%
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Crypto Currencies

Name Symbol Price Change
Bitcoin USD BTCUSD 54 142 -1.90%
XRP USD XRPUSD 0.919 -4.39%
Ethereum USD ETHUSD 4 062.76 -2.23%
Litecoin USD LTCUSD 188.63 -4.63%
Dogecoin USD DOGEUSD 0.198 -5.30%
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The Commodity Markets

Name Symbol Price Change
Platinum Jan 22 PLUSD 954.30 -2.15%
Natural Gas Jan 22 NGUSD 5.48 7.10%
Copper Mar 22 HGUSD 4.29 -4.02%
Crude Oil Jan 22 CLUSD 68.70 -0.18%
Silver Mar 22 SIUSD 23.14 -1.70%
Gold Feb 22 GCUSD 1 788.10 0.07%
Palladium Mar 22 PAUSD 1 781.20 -3.61%
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US - Sector Performance

Sector Change
Basic Materials-2.65%
Communication Services-2.28%
Consumer Cyclical-2.89%
Consumer Defensive-2.10%
Financial Services-1.97%
Real Estate-2.80%


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