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Last updated: 03 Mar 2024 @ 22:46 pmAnalyzed: 37 256 Companies
Last 5 Buy Signals
KAVAUSDMar 3 - 22:44$0.954
WHITEUSDMar 3 - 22:385 942.37
UNCXUSDMar 3 - 22:40345.47
^HSIMar 3 - 22:4316 570
IOTAUSDMar 3 - 22:400.324
Last 5 Sell Signals
DIGGUSDMar 3 - 22:391 040.74
RNDRUSDMar 3 - 22:347.55
ALPHUSDMar 3 - 22:323.48
JUVUSDMar 3 - 22:322.65
STRAXUSDMar 3 - 22:28$1.543
Crude Oil
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$2 090.10

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Live BitCoin Prices


$63 594

Gold Prices (Gram)
Live Golden Prices In Gram For USDUSD: 67.20
Live Golden Prices In Gram For NOKNOK: 706.68
Live Golden Prices In Gram For EUREUR: 61.97
Live Golden Prices In Gram For GBPGBP: 53.06
EUR/USD: 1.08
USD/EUR: 0.92
EUR/NOK: 11.40
USD/JPY: 150.15

The Last Stock Podcasts

#9/2024 - Is SNAP up for the challenge this week, or will it be a bust?

In the hunt for the next double, the bet went on SNAP last week, but it has not yielded so Is SNAP up for the challenge this week, or will it be a bust? This is one of the many questions as we go into a week where Nasdaq will test the resistance, and LI and Costco will release their quarter Tune in for this week's shortened Trading Tips With Jim

#8/2024 - Can $2.000 become $4.000? | Nvidia with Q-results

AEHR sold with profit marking the first successful doubling where has turned into in the $1000 podcast This week's bet will be on a re-bounce trade as the hunt for the next double at As the quarter season ends, Nvidia, Walmart, and Home Depot will release their quarter results this While the main focus will be on Nvidia, Walmart, and Home Deop will give insight into consumer health and the import CEO statements about the expectations for the

#7/2024 - Will the $1000 challenge pass the first double this week?

This week, the $1000 invested in the $1000 challenge will probably pass the first double at $2000, and the hunt for the second double at $4000 can Last week's bet into Aehr Test Systems (AEHR) has given almost a 15% forthcoming trading week will mark the end of the first quarter result season as by Friday, more than 85% of the major companies at S&P500 will have released the quarter What will drive the market afterward, and will this week's inflation numbers shake the markets? Tune in for more about the $1000 challenges and the expectations for the week ahead! Visit and for in-depth market analysis and News! 🌟 New dividend and fundamental pages now live on Check them out here: Special Offer: Use the promo code "PODCAST" for a 25% discount on 2024 from UAB "Exigam" 🚨 Disclaimer: This video is for informational purposes only and is not financial Always consult with a professional financial advisor before making investment #TradingStrategy #TechLayoffs #Inflation #EnergyPrices #GoldmanSachs #MorganStanley #WeeklyJobNumbers #StockInvestment #NIOStock #StockMarketAnalysis #StockMarket2024 #TechnicalAnalysis #CryptoUpdate #BitcoinTrends #Investing #FinancialAdvice #MarketPredictions"

#6/2024 - 40.75% Profit in Lucid. Next Trade Is Ready!

The trade in Lucid (LCID) is closed with a profit, and a new pick is ready for the $1000 However, the Nasdaq trading in the upper part of the trend channel and becoming overbought indicates a high chance of a challenging trading week last week, big companies are releasing their quarter results this week, including Pepsi and Kicking off the quarter result week is Palantir, with an expected move of +/- in for this week's trade and much more

#5/2024 - Quarter Results, FED, War And Lucid | This weeks Insights

If you had invested in the chemical and ammunition maker Olin Corporation (OLIN) just a few months before the last US election, you would have made 5x your And Olin is far from the only company that has benefited from the uptick in geopolitical This week, we will learn if more calls for arms and equipment have helped Boeing (BA), which will have its quarter results on Wednesday, the same day FED will give an update on the economy and the If last week were busy with quarter results, this would be the same, with heavy hitters like Meta, Microsoft, and AMD, to mention some This and more in this weeks episode of "Trading Tips With Jim" Tune in!

World Map
Nasdaq: 1.14 %Dow Jones: 0.23 %S&P 500: 0.80 %Shanghai: 0 %ASX: -0.13 %CAC40: 0.09 %IPC Mexico: 0.22 %Nikkei 225: 0.44 %Nifty 50: 0.10 %IBOVESPA: 0.12 %

World Indexes

Name Symbol Price Change
AEX-INDEX ^AEX 854.10 0.67%
IBOVESPA ^BVSP 129 180 0.12%
NIFTY 50 ^NSEI 22 402 0.10%
S&P 500 ^GSPC 5 137.08 0.80%
CAC 40 ^FCHI 7 934.17 0.09%
Dow Jones Industrial Average ^DJI 39 087 0.23%
Nikkei 225 ^N225 40 088 0.44%
NASDAQ Composite ^IXIC 16 275 1.14%
IPC MEXICO ^MXX 55 536 0.22%
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Stock Gainers

Name Symbol Price Change
MMTec, Inc. MTC 2.56 96.92%
Cardiff Oncology, Inc. CRDF 2.91 64.87%
Adial Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ADIL 3.26 59.80%
The RealReal, Inc. REAL 2.76 55.93%
BioVie Inc. BIVI 1.890 52.42%
Roma Green Finance Limited Ordinary Shares ROMA 1.360 51.11%
Jaguar Health, Inc. JAGX 0.0885 50.00%
JanOne Inc. JAN 1.595 46.33%
Xponential Fitness, Inc. XPOF 14.05 39.38%
Minim, Inc. MINM 5.81 35.12%
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The Commodity Markets

Name Symbol Price Change
Crude Oil CLUSD 79.93 -0.05%
Copper HGUSD 3.84 -0.44%
Gold Futures GCUSD 2 090.10 -0.27%
Silver Futures SIUSD 23.28 -0.36%
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US - Sector Performance

Sector Change
Basic Materials0.6352%
Communication Services0.13537%
Consumer Cyclical0.45223%
Consumer Defensive0.13789%
Financial Services-0.15499%
Real Estate0.88067%


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