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Last updated: 26 Sep 2022 @ 20:28 pmAnalyzed: 49 304 Companies
Last 5 Buy Signals
PIVXUSDSep 26 - 20:250.367
GBYTEUSDSep 26 - 20:2515.00
GBYTEUSDSep 26 - 20:2515.00
BNTUSDSep 26 - 20:250.440
FCTUSDSep 26 - 20:250.329
Last 5 Sell Signals
PPTUSDSep 26 - 20:260.0679
UBQUSDSep 26 - 20:260.0325
GAMEUSDSep 26 - 20:250.0131
NAVUSDSep 26 - 20:250.0447
KMDUSDSep 26 - 20:240.261
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$1 637.00

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Live BitCoin Prices


$19 282

Gold Prices (Gram)
Live Golden Prices In Gram For USDUSD: 52.63
Live Golden Prices In Gram For NOKNOK: 566.61
Live Golden Prices In Gram For EUREUR: 54.62
Live Golden Prices In Gram For GBPGBP: 48.87
EUR/USD: 0.96
USD/EUR: 1.04
EUR/NOK: 10.37
USD/JPY: 144.39

The Last Stock Podcasts

#39/2022 Nasdaq - Total Crash or Bounce-Up? - Stock Invest Podcast

This is the week where Nasdaq either will crash or Bounce up as it is testing the point If broken there will be little to no support below and this may cause mayhem and strong falls, at the same time there is a chance that the Nasdaq will do a double bottom and the strong oversold market will yield a nice bounce-up During the week there will be more economical data coming out, but none of these are expected to move the market The political landscape is changing as we are heading for a hard winter in Europe and a midterm election in the How will these things affect the market and are we finally getting close to the bottom? Last week's 3 new trading tips were all sold in profit, but Rogers from week #37 was cut by the stop Will we be able to beat the market this week as well? Tune in to get, not only the trading tips and the market overview for this week, but also some thoughts about what waits

#38/2022 - Successful Trading In Red Weeks - Stock Podcast & Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg

In this week's podcast, we focus more on how to be successful in red What are the things you can do and what indicators can you use? Last week's trading tips broke a 17-week long winning streak, as the tips were a However, saved by the stop-loss the losses became marginal and just emphasizes how important it is to use This week we try to hunt bouncers as the risk remains high for further and much more are in this week's stock podcast by Jim version:

#37/2022 - Last Green Week ? - Stock Podcast & Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg

The signs and indications are that we are heading for yet a green week, but at the same time, the fun may soon be During the week we may celebrate ok inflation numbers from the US, but that may be short-lived as reality is kicking in with increased pace across the world as more businesses worry about the forthcoming gains from last week's trading tips with Nvidia up more than This week there are nine tips on the table trying to cash in on what may be the last green week for a in for all

#36/2022 - Oversold Markets Equals Opportunities - Stock Podcast & Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg

The stock markets are now way oversold on the relative strength index (RSI), and historically this offers a strong buying opportunity as a re-bounce can be The last time markets were this oversold was at the beginning of the pandemic which was followed by strong As usual, we give some trading tips for the week, a week that may hold some of the answers to what we can expect for the next few in to get the insights and the reasoning why this most likely will be a green week for the

#35/2022 - The Return Of Green Markets - Stock Podcast & Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg

The technical picture indicates that we might soon return back to green markets, but first, we have to face the bad mood from last week and establish a All the signs are there and it may just be time to place some bets as the next upturn may be a solid In this week's podcast, we dive deeper into the expansion and acceleration of the energy crises and how you can take advantage of Two brand new trading tips for the week ahead as we continue to do well even in the red

World Map
Nasdaq: -0.60 %Dow Jones: -1.11 %S&P 500: -1.03 %Shanghai: 0 %ASX: 0.22 %CAC40: -0.24 %IPC Mexico: -1.29 %Nikkei 225: 0.50 %Nifty 50: -1.80 %IBOVESPA: -2.33 %

World Indexes

Name Symbol Price Change
NASDAQ Composite ^IXIC 10 803 -0.60%
NIFTY 50 ^NSEI 17 016 -1.80%
AEX-INDEX ^AEX 640.41 0.18%
IBOVESPA ^BVSP 109 114 -2.33%
IPC MEXICO ^MXX 44 809 -1.29%
Dow Jones Industrial Average ^DJI 29 261 -1.11%
CAC 40 ^FCHI 5 769.39 -0.24%
Nikkei 225 ^N225 26 566 0.51%
S&P 500 ^GSPC 3 655.04 -1.03%
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Stock Gainers

Name Symbol Price Change
LAVA Therapeutics N.V. LVTX 4.74 97.50%
Studio City International Holdings Limited MSC 2.45 36.87%
Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited MLCO 6.65 25.47%
Polar Power, Inc. POLA 3.16 25.40%
Alaunos Therapeutics, Inc. TCRT 2.15 24.28%
Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. PPSI 3.99 23.53%
Heliogen, Inc. HLGN 1.700 23.19%
HeartBeam, Inc. BEAT 2.48 22.17%
AEA-Bridges Impact Corp. IMPX 9.39 20.69%
Mannatech, Incorporated MTEX 22.80 18.44%
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Crypto Currencies

Name Symbol Price Change
Bitcoin USD BTCUSD 19 282 2.20%
XRP USD XRPUSD 0.471 -4.96%
Ethereum USD ETHUSD 1 339.07 2.64%
Litecoin USD LTCUSD 53.66 1.56%
Dogecoin USD DOGEUSD 0.0613 -0.40%
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The Commodity Markets

Name Symbol Price Change
Crude Oil CLUSD 77.21 0.01%
Gold GCUSD 1 637.00 0.22%
Copper HGUSD 3.30 0.24%
Silver SIUSD 18.47 -0.08%
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US - Sector Performance

Sector Change
Basic Materials-2.5250%
Communication Services-2.4134%
Consumer Cyclical-1.5305%
Consumer Defensive-0.7872%
Consumer Goods-3.4825%
Financial Services-1.0993%
Industrial Goods-0.0643%
Real Estate-3.2429%


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