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Last updated: 16 May 2022 @ 10:19 am
Last 5 Buy Signals
WHFMay 16 - 10:17$13.72
VLDRMay 16 - 10:18$1.830
TRVIMay 16 - 10:17$2.29
THMay 16 - 10:17$5.99
TPTXMay 16 - 10:17$33.32
Last 5 Sell Signals
STLDMay 16 - 10:17$75.33
RELIMay 16 - 10:17$2.34
REKRMay 16 - 10:17$2.98
PTMNMay 16 - 10:17$22.55
QTNTMay 16 - 10:17$0.416
Crude Oil
Live Crude Oil Prices



Live Gold Prices


$1 807.90

Live Silver Prices



Live BitCoin Prices


$29 698

Gold Prices (Gram)
Live Golden Prices In Gram For USDUSD: 58.13
Live Golden Prices In Gram For NOKNOK: 570.25
Live Golden Prices In Gram For EUREUR: 55.81
Live Golden Prices In Gram For GBPGBP: 47.39
EUR/USD: 1.04
USD/EUR: 0.96
EUR/NOK: 10.22
USD/JPY: 129.12

The Last Stock Podcasts

Week 20/2022 - Oh Yes... The Game Is On!

After 6 straight weeks in the red for Nasdaq, there might be a break as everything indicates that we might be at a short-term As many stocks have been hammered, the potential upside is vast for many Which stocks to pick is one of the answers we try to give you in this Last week's trading tips went all green, and there is a fair chance this week's tips will do the Although markets now have a fair chance for a small break, the general indication is further How can you prepare, and what stocks may have a chance to do good if the high inflation eventually turns into stagflation and in to get the answers!

Making Money In A Red Market

Last week's trading tips made money in a red market, and there should be a fair chance the same will happen this week as several stocks are set for a Timing the trade is crucial, and in this week's podcast, we give more insight into how to do Gold is a little weaker than expected, while oil continues up, and we see no reason why it should not continue consumer price index numbers are coming on Wednesday, and several quarter Are we heading for even higher inflation numbers, or will they cool down? We do our best to predict the week ahead and give you insight into what we think the future will hold and where the buying opportunities At the very end of the podcast, you will find this week's trading tips, which, given a good entry-level should return some nice

A Unique Buying Opportunity?

Markets are getting hammered, and the number of buy signals is at the lowest we have recorded in 2 Is this a unique buying opportunity? This week is yet another week where many quarter results are coming However, we emphasize sudden and brutal news from Ukraine as a possible trigger for heavy fall as the Russian victory day is approaching next indicates a week with high volatility and a possible establishment of a short-term was the first week since week 3 when we had to record losses for the trading Hopefully, this week's picks will bring us back on Podcast is out every Monday before markets Be sure to subscribe to get it instantly! The Youtube videos include charts of the companies version:

Finally A Green Week For The Stock Markets Coming Up This Week

In this week's podcast, Jim Stromberg finally predict a green week for the stock In his opinion, the week will start heavy and give some unique buying opportunities as the markets slowly will crawl back and end Furthermore, this is a week when many of the major companies release their Quarter What is it you should pay attention to in the reports? That is one of the many questions you can get answered in this week's podcast along with the trading tips for the week and the analysis of Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, Bitcoin, and

Getting Closer - Energy Stocks Is Still Hot - The Stock & Crypto Podcast (Week 16 - 2022)

The very low amount of buy signals and the high amount of sell signals indicate that we once again are getting close to a good buying opportunity, but this is also the state where markets get volatile and may fall very hard given the right As usual, we tell you the things you should keep an eye on to be better prepared for unwanted market reactions and avoid the biggest  We keep making a profit in the energy sector and also this week's trading tips hold a few of and much more in this week's stock and crypto to accumulated volume video: podcast version:

World Map
Nasdaq: -0.35 %Dow Jones: -0.30 %S&P 500: -0.28 %Shanghai: 0 %ASX: 0.25 %CAC40: -0.81 %IPC Mexico: 0.41 %Nikkei 225: 0.45 %Nifty 50: 0.38 %IBOVESPA: 0.39 %

World Indexes

Name Symbol Price Change
NIFTY 50 ^NSEI 15 842 0.38%
CAC 40 ^FCHI 6 311.60 -0.80%
IBOVESPA ^BVSP 107 336 0.39%
S&P 500 ^GSPC 4 013.49 -0.26%
NASDAQ Composite ^IXIC 11 768 -0.31%
Nikkei 225 ^N225 26 547 0.45%
Dow Jones Industrial Average ^DJI 32 104 -0.29%
AEX-INDEX ^AEX 691.86 -0.33%
IPC MEXICO ^MXX 49 807 0.46%
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Stock Gainers

Name Symbol Price Change
Data Storage Corporation DTST 3.50 51.96%
AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. AGRI 2.27 35.90%
Greenland Technologies Holding Corporation GTEC 3.39 22.83%
Cyteir Therapeutics, Inc. CYT 2.07 19.65%
Griffon Corporation GFF 29.04 19.45%
Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. FFIE 2.92 18.70%
Harpoon Therapeutics, Inc. HARP 2.36 18.00%
BTCS Inc. BTCS 2.82 17.50%
Rattler Midstream LP RTLR 14.96 16.42%
Concord Medical Services Holdings Limited CCM 1.728 15.99%
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Crypto Currencies

Name Symbol Price Change
Bitcoin USD BTCUSD 29 698 -1.14%
XRP USD XRPUSD 0.419 -1.18%
Ethereum USD ETHUSD 2 013.35 -2.44%
Litecoin USD LTCUSD 66.89 -1.42%
Dogecoin USD DOGEUSD 0.0873 -1.47%
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The Commodity Markets

Name Symbol Price Change
Gold GCUSD 1 807.90 -0.02%
Copper Jul 22 HGUSD 4.18 0.08%
Crude Oil CLUSD 111.18 0.00%
Silver Jul 22 SIUSD 21.37 1.76%
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US - Sector Performance

Sector Change
Basic Materials0.1691%
Communication Services0.0635%
Consumer Cyclical-0.4672%
Consumer Defensive-0.0210%
Financial Services-0.3519%
Industrial Goods1.2566%
Real Estate-0.0818%


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