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Last updated: 03 Jul 2022 @ 19:02 pmAnalyzed: 49 314 Companies
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BTGUSDJul 3 - 18:5915.40
GNOUSDJul 3 - 18:58110.80
BNBUSDJul 3 - 18:58218.64
LTCUSDJul 3 - 18:5850.80
WAVESUSDJul 3 - 18:585.14
Last 5 Sell Signals
GBYTEUSDJul 3 - 19:0013.06
UBQUSDJul 3 - 19:000.0312
FCTUSDJul 3 - 18:580.277
BLOCKUSDJul 3 - 18:560.165
QRLUSDJul 3 - 18:560.175
Crude Oil
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$1 810.70

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Live BitCoin Prices


$19 285

Gold Prices (Gram)
Live Golden Prices In Gram For USDUSD: 58.22
Live Golden Prices In Gram For NOKNOK: 577.60
Live Golden Prices In Gram For EUREUR: 55.79
Live Golden Prices In Gram For GBPGBP: 48.08
EUR/USD: 1.04
USD/EUR: 0.96
EUR/NOK: 10.35
USD/JPY: 135.14

The Last Stock Podcasts

Last Week Of Fun In The Markets? Stock & Crypto Podcast Week 26 - 2022

Is this the last week of fun in the markets before there will be more red ahead? This is one of the questions we try to answer in this week's podcast along with giving new analysis and trading tips for this Last week's trading tips gave a solid profit as markets got the predicted Among last week's trading tips was Mullen which gave almost 10% profit even running on For this week there are 2 new trading tips, but 2 of last week's trading tips are still in for more details and as usual, we wish you a good green trading week!

Green Week Ahead For Nasdaq? - The Stock & Crypto Podcast - Week 25 - 2022

Markets and stocks are getting oversold, and with no big fundamental news expected this week, everything is paved for a green week for Despite a very red week last week the total trading tips for the week went This week seven trades will be open, and stakes are set higher in the anticipation of a green week with Mullen Automotive is one of the tips, but it might be a close call as explained in the Despite expecting a green week, the future forecast is still further How can you benefit from these markets? Tune in to find out Youtube URL:

Week 24 - 2021 - Nasdaq 8000 Next? - The Stock and Crypto Podcast

Is Nasdaq heading for points? With only little support below and massive resistance above, the forecast is not very bright for the markets this The inflation continues to rise just as we predicted, and the FED will have to raise the interest rates this week, perhaps even more than what the market In addition, the job market is starting to cool off, and recession is creeping closer by the But our listeners know this as we told exactly what would happen more than a year In this week's podcast, we look further into the future, trying to forecast the following significant events and moves and how they will affect the week's trading tips did their trick, and Xpev raked a This week we have three new candidates who we think might be able to beat the market and yield some Please tune in to find out which stocks we would place a bet on this

Week 23 - 2022 - Roll The Dice - The Stock and Crypto Podcast

This week the markets will roll the dice and decide if we are heading for a bit longer upturn or if it is straight back to the The Tesla bet yielded a profit, but will this week's trading tips do as good? All eyes are on the inflation report coming out on Friday, but we already know the answer and in this podcast, we tell you why inflation will just continue As usual, you get a quick analysis of Apple, Microsoft, Tesla Bitcoin, and The charts indicate a small forthcoming rally for Bitcoin with very little resistance before in for all to youtube version: (will come)

Week 22 - 2022 - Another Green Week? - The Stock And Crypto Podcast

Everything indicates a new green trading week is coming Last week's trading tips gave some amazing profits, but what about this week's trading tips? The bigger question is when will markets again turn red? As usual, we try to give you the answers to these questions along with tips and tricks to improve your in to get this week's podcast to get all the details and hear which stocks we try to trade this

World Map
Nasdaq: 0.90 %Dow Jones: 1.05 %S&P 500: 1.06 %Shanghai: 0 %ASX: -0.39 %CAC40: 0.14 %IPC Mexico: 0.46 %Nikkei 225: -1.73 %Nifty 50: -0.18 %IBOVESPA: 0.42 %

World Indexes

Name Symbol Price Change
AEX-INDEX ^AEX 655.68 -0.54%
IBOVESPA ^BVSP 98 954 0.42%
IPC MEXICO ^MXX 47 743 0.46%
Dow Jones Industrial Average ^DJI 31 097 1.05%
CAC 40 ^FCHI 5 931.06 0.14%
Nikkei 225 ^N225 25 936 -1.73%
NASDAQ Composite ^IXIC 11 128 0.90%
S&P 500 ^GSPC 3 825.33 1.06%
NIFTY 50 ^NSEI 15 752 -0.18%
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Stock Gainers

Name Symbol Price Change
Omeros Corporation OMER 4.64 68.73%
Clovis Oncology, Inc. CLVS 2.85 58.33%
Agrico Acquisition Corp. RICO 13.36 43.66%
Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. FFIE 3.55 36.54%
Inter & Co, Inc. INTR 2.77 31.90%
Accolade, Inc. ACCD 9.53 28.78%
Mereo BioPharma Group plc MREO 1.390 24.11%
Tuniu Corporation TOUR 1.300 23.81%
Lytus Technologies Holdings PTV. Ltd. LYT 5.12 23.08%
Belite Bio, Inc BLTE 37.69 21.03%
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Crypto Currencies

Name Symbol Price Change
Ethereum USD ETHUSD 1 074.13 0.42%
Litecoin USD LTCUSD 50.79 0.40%
Bitcoin USD BTCUSD 19 285 -0.18%
XRP USD XRPUSD 0.320 1.07%
Dogecoin USD DOGEUSD 0.0669 -0.11%
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The Commodity Markets

Name Symbol Price Change
Crude Oil CLUSD 109.76 0.00%
Gold GCUSD 1 810.70 0.51%
Copper Sep 22 HGUSD 3.62 0.37%
Silver Sep 22 SIUSD 19.82 0.75%
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US - Sector Performance

Sector Change
Basic Materials0.3367%
Communication Services0.9738%
Consumer Cyclical1.2300%
Consumer Defensive0.4992%
Consumer Goods-3.4825%
Financial Services0.7177%
Real Estate1.3592%


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