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Last updated: 08 Dec 2022 @ 16:53 pmAnalyzed: 49 303 Companies
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LTCUSDDec 8 - 16:49$77.55
XMRUSDDec 8 - 16:49$147.86
Last 5 Sell Signals
SNMUSDDec 8 - 16:50$0.680
EOSUSDDec 8 - 16:50$0.998
XMRUSDDec 8 - 16:50$147.84
REPUSDDec 8 - 16:49$5.39
SNMUSDDec 8 - 16:48$0.680
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Live Golden Prices In Gram For USDUSD: 57.92
Live Golden Prices In Gram For NOKNOK: 577.15
Live Golden Prices In Gram For EUREUR: 54.85
Live Golden Prices In Gram For GBPGBP: 47.32
EUR/USD: 1.06
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EUR/NOK: 10.52
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The Last Stock Podcasts

#4922 Trading Tips with Jim Stromberg | NIO & MSFT, Oil & More

Published: 12/05/2022   By:
#4922 - Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg | NIO & MSFT

In this week's episode of trading tips with Jim Stromberg, he shares some of his insights and expectations for the next few months ahead of Cold is creeping in from the north over Europe over the next few weeks, and the oil cap on Russian oil may be the one ignitor to push oil and energy into a final A good portfolio should reflect all eventualities, and getting an idea of what awaits is crucial for anyone playing the [XPEV] rallied last week, netting more than 65% In this week's trading tips, Jim aims to get NIO and argue why EVs are a good above and much more in this week's episode of Trading Tips With Jim

#4822 - Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg

In this week's trading tips podcast with Jim Stromberg, you will hear about the essential news coming out this week that might make the stock markets have a small end-of-the-year Oil is struggling, but next week could be The Microsoft trade is doing well, but Xpeng is all the details and several new trading tips, tune in now!

#4722 - Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg (Video)

A new trading week is here, but with shortened trading hours as the US stock markets are closed Thursday and only trade till 1 pm on Last week, the fantastic Meta trade was closed by stop-loss, giving a In this week's Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg, you will get more tips on reducing your losses and increasing your The market section gives an insight into the expectations for the week, and, of course, there are new trading tips at the end of the in for more details!

#4622 - Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg

New week, new trading tips, and just be prepared for a volatile week! The number of buy signals is getting very high, which usually indicates a forthcoming market Still, if momentum keeps up, the high number of buy signals often indicates an upcoming So what will it be? As usual, we will try to give you the answer to this along with some potential good trading Last week's tip on Meta paid off, as it sits with nearly 20% Are the game and the trade over for Meta for this time? If you are an eager trader XELA is one stock to watch this week! Tune in to get the answer!

#4522 - Trading Tips With Jim Stromberg

Now seems like the right time to trade the upside in Meta as it only needs to make a few changes to its cost structure to again attract positive attention from the stock market investors who currently have no faith in the And Meta (META) is one of this week's trading tips, along with risky stocks like Mullen Automotive (MULN), Xpeng Inc (XPEV), Zomedica On the less scary side, the bullish ride in Chevron (CVX) Nasdaq balancing the thin line of support around points, it will be an exciting week where the consumer price index numbers on Thursday are one of the main Some exciting companies to release quarter results as we are heading towards winter and energy crises that may push oil up to $200 on a in to get more insights into what awaits the markets ahead!

World Map
Nasdaq: 1.13 %Dow Jones: 0.55 %S&P 500: 0.75 %Shanghai: 0 %ASX: -0.72 %CAC40: -0.20 %IPC Mexico: 0.70 %Nikkei 225: -0.40 %Nifty 50: 0.26 %IBOVESPA: -1.67 %

World Indexes

Name Symbol Price Change
IBOVESPA ^BVSP 107 249 -1.67%
IPC MEXICO ^MXX 51 079 0.70%
Dow Jones Industrial Average ^DJI 33 781 0.55%
CAC 40 ^FCHI 6 647.31 -0.20%
Nikkei 225 ^N225 27 574 -0.40%
NASDAQ Composite ^IXIC 11 082 1.13%
S&P 500 ^GSPC 3 963.51 0.75%
NIFTY 50 ^NSEI 18 609 0.26%
AEX-INDEX ^AEX 719.83 0.21%
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Stock Gainers

Name Symbol Price Change
Pharvaris N.V. PHVS 11.46 339.08%
Rent the Runway, Inc. RENT 2.37 74.26%
BioVie Inc. BIVI 9.10 54.50%
Express, Inc. EXPR 1.770 38.28%
Tuniu Corporation TOUR 2.39 35.80%
Regional Health Properties, Inc. RHE-PA 2.14 30.50%
Carvana Co. CVNA 4.96 29.50%
Hello Group Inc. MOMO 6.79 29.33%
TeraWulf Inc. WULF 1.030 27.13%
Celcuity Inc. CELC 9.54 26.36%
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Crypto Currencies

Name Symbol Price Change
Bitcoin USD BTCUSD 17 185 2.10%
Dogecoin USD DOGEUSD 0.0979 2.51%
Ethereum USD ETHUSD 1 278.05 3.78%
Litecoin USD LTCUSD 77.53 0.90%
XRP USD XRPUSD 0.393 2.75%
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The Commodity Markets

Name Symbol Price Change
Crude Oil CLUSD 71.83 -0.25%
Copper HGUSD 3.88 0.58%
Gold GCUSD 1 801.40 0.19%
Silver SIUSD 23.28 1.56%
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US - Sector Performance

Sector Change
Basic Materials-0.0237%
Communication Services0.5462%
Consumer Cyclical1.0306%
Consumer Defensive0.5960%
Consumer Goods-3.4825%
Financial Services0.1717%
Industrial Goods0.0602%
Real Estate0.1599%


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